Tracking movies so you don't have to.

James Mitchell


A series of talks covering the “life cycle” of a project.

Talk 1

“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Things to do before writing any code.

  • Getting the requirements
  • Writing down the first tasks
  • Setting up tools and services
  • Heavy thinking


What is the project about?

A tool to remind me when movies I'm interested in are released…

in the cinema, on DVD, for rental (weekly!)

“…remind me…”

  • The application needs a concept of me
  • There is a regular process that checks stuff and reminds me

“…movies I'm interested in…”

The application needs a concept of movies, and a link from me to a movie.

“…released to cinema, DVD, and rental…”

A service we can query for release dates for cinema, DVD, and rental…

Extreme Wide Shot

What should this look like?

  • A responsive webapp for searching for movies and adding them to a wishlist
  • A backend API for storing the wishlist and sending notifications
  • A automatic deployment process, triggered by pushing code to the repository
  • A development process to track work done, and yet to do

Close Up

What are the “givens”?

  • Python
  • Version control system (VCS)
  • Web based app in django
  • Deployed into the cloud
  • UI in AngularJS

Wide shot

What additional tools are in the frame?

Version Control


Using a local version control system is a given, but also push code to a VCS in the cloud, and use API webhooks to integrate with other cloud services.

Alternatives are Bitbucket, Gitlab, or even Launchpad.

Automatic Testing


Whenever changes are pushed to github, Travis-CI will checkout a copy of the code, build it, and execute tests.

The build process should also trigger a deployment to test and production servers.

Alternatives are Jenkins or Bamboo

Tracking new features

Pivotal Tracker

A tool to track new features and estimate when they can be completed.

Ideally the tool should link to the VCS and record what code implemented a feature.

Alternatives are Jira, Trac, Basecamp, or Stick-It notes.

Group chat


For a team of developers, somewhere to ask questions, hold meetings, share documents and internet memes

Also useful as a place for notifcations from github and travis-ci

Alternatives are Hipchat, Campfire, perhaps email or an XMPP client…

Cut to - Setting up

Let's setup the github repository, and connect it to Travis-CI, Slack, and Pivotal Tracker.

Over the Shoulder Shot

Use a whiteboard to work stuff out

  • Database
  • UI flow
  • API

Noddy shot

Next time we aim to write some actual code!